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Currently we can locate hundreds of thousands of movie and television scripts. Everything ranging from the vintage 1930s like Gone With The Wind all the way to newer releases like Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland , New Moon , Eclipse and The Hunger Games to scripts from 2018! You can navigate the pages by using the menu on the left or the quick links on the right.

All of the scripts are in the correct screenwriting format. We never locate any home-made transcripts that can be found on the net. We only find you the real deal. If there is a script you're looking for but can't find, just send us an email and we'll get right back to you.

Our current and past customers / clients include well known movie studios, production companies, screenwriters, actors, actresses, reality stars, Hollywood royalty, collectors, fans and more.

*There is a temporary hold on SOME Television and movie Scripts. One of our suppliers has had fulfillment issues due to personal reasons. If you would like to purchase a television script, please email us first to see if we already have the script(s) on file. A lot of television scripts we already do have and they are available for shipment. It's just some of the much older or obscure scripts that have issues. Please use the "Contact Us" button on the left menu option of the website. :) All inquires are welcome.* Whether you're a screenwriter, collector, a movie buff or all 3... we can generally find you need!


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