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1ST SEASON: #1.pilot(early draft) *#1 pilot(later draft, part of page 55 is unreadable) * #2.46 long * #3.denial, anger, acceptance * #4.meadowlands * * #6.pax soprano * #8.the legend of tennessee moltisanti * #9.boca * #10.a hit is a hit * #11.nobody knows anything * #12.isabella * #13.I dream of jeannie cusamano


2ND SEASON: big girls don’t cry * deus ex machina * do not resuscitate * from where to eternity * house arrest * toodle-fucking-oo


3RD SEASON: amour fou * another toothpick * fortunate son * he is risen * mr. ruggerio’s neighborhood *  to save us all from satan’s power * university


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